Friday, June 6, 2008

Ramblings about cheap wine and consumption

As noted on my other blog BoKnowsClosings, I was not really open to spending almost $10 for a plastic cup of "Barefoot" wines at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. I remember trying one a long time ago and was not moved. The amphitheater did flash up a logo for "Tin Roof Cellars", which I've purchased at Costco but I didn't find it at the concession stands. Again, I paid $7.99 for their Merlot (a bottle!) and it would cost the same for a plastic cup at a concert. So yes, I'm griping! Over the weekend we did do some grilling and we drank some lovely Ridge Zinfandels. I can't wait to have my ATP wines shipped here. ATP stands for Advanced Tasting Program-some nifty small-batch wines (only several hundred cases produced). Once July 1st rolls around, I can start receiving those wines (and other clubs) here in Georgia (vs. shipping to another more 'friendly' state and waiting for friends/family to bring to ATL). It also helps GA vintners so they can ship (both intrastate and interstate sales).

The US is #2! We have overtaken the Italians for overall wine consumption but remain behind France. However, for per capita consumption, we lag behind (well, some of us do : ) French wine drinkers who consumed 52 Liters per adult in 2007, while Italians consumed 46L--Americans only consumed 9L per adult (that's ONE case of wine-heck we drink that over 2 weeks!). So do your part to increase our average! Current faves? Montevina "Terra d'Oro" zinfandel ($14, Sam's), Firesteed Pinot Noir (from $11 to 13). Cool info: Click on "Food & Wine Pairings" on this page from Sam's Club website!