Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SHAME ON YOU: GA Representatives John Barrow, Paul Broun, John Gingrey, David Scott and Lynn Westmoreland

Take a glance at this article on HR 5034. This bill is going to take wine consumption back to the dark ages of Prohibition! Write your Congressman! Likewise, check out this site and find out more about this horror-show.

As for Georgia residents, time to go on the attack! If you are in the following districts, you need to yell at your representative NOW. As for John Barrow (D-12th), Paul Broun (R-10), John Gingrey (R-11), David Scott (D-13) and Lynn Westmoreland (R-3): SHAME ON YOU. I plan to research your contributors and I can almost guarantee that the big distributors have given them a lot of money. Meanwhile, I still can't get Ridge wine shipped directly to me due to overzealous restrictions on the State level--if HR 5034 passes, I will NEVER get the specialty wines I used to get from them. BOO!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010

What to drink in the Summer heat!

Okay, it is HOT in Atlanta right now (especially with a broken A/C unit--it was 84 degrees upstairs when we went to bed last night!). I doubt you're sitting at your desk contemplating what wine to drink in this heat (or maybe you are?), but as long as it's cold and white, you have a ton of choices! Chardonnay? Well, that's not my first choice. For heat, I want a wine that needs to be really cold and chardonnay is better out of the ice bucket and warming up a bit (if it's super cold, you miss most of the flavors--try letting it warm slightly to experience its' true nuances). For 90+ degree heat you may want to go for more 'crisp' wines like Sauvignon Blanc (look for examples from New Zealand, Marlborough to be exact) or a Pinot Grigio (think Ecco Domani for less than $10 or other Italians). Other choices? For slightly sweet bubbly, remain in Italy and seek out a Prosecco for under $15. Still seeking 'sweet'? How about a nice Riesling from Germany or Washington State? Finally, if you want to try something really daring look for a Vinho Verde from Portugal (the name means Green Wine and is light and crisp) or "think pink" and seek out a nice Rosé (look to France or Spain for common examples).

If you're like me and love your reds (and love summer grilling) look to Zinfandel, Syrah or Côtes du Rhône (which typically include Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre). Similar "grill worthy" wines are Tempranillo (commonly from Rioja) from Spain and Shiraz (same as Syrah) from Australia. All that I mentioned can likewise be found in the $10 range or even up to the $30+ range for single-vineyard Zins or specialty producers. The other main reason for the recommended reds above is the fact that most can be enjoyed while cooking (i.e. solo, not only 'with' the food, unlike some wines that tend to be better with food vs. sipping). That reminds me of the silly slogan "I love cooking with wine--I sometimes even put it in the food!" Have a great weekend!