Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sunday Wine Sales-My 2 cents!

I know that this is not the most important topic facing our Legislature. However, I think it's a really dumb restriction. With that being said, this is MY opinion on the matter, and you can do with it what you wish. I chose to voice my opinion directly (as well as here). Here is the text of an email I sent to my local rep and a representative on the Georgia Senate Regulated Industries and Utilities Committee

"I humbly request that you pass Senate Bill 16 so that the public can vote upon the legislation. I understand that our Governor does not support this bill, but this is not his call--let the people VOTE on this issue; then he can see where the people of Georgia truly stand. I cannot believe that Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee or any other "Bible Belt" State's religious convictions are any different than ours, yet they (and 47 other States) have the ability to purchase alcohol on Sunday. Will it change my behavior? Not a lot as I buy wine in case quantities when I find a good deal, etc. From time to time, however, I have been on my way to a dinner party on a Sunday and have realized that I had no 'hostess gift' of wine with me. Likewise, we do a most of our weekly shopping on Sunday and we often shop in local warehouse clubs where they happen to have great wine deals. No, it's not the end of the world, and certainly not the most important topic for you to deal with, but I do believe that it is time for this anachronism to go away.

Again, personal convictions aside, it is not your call to determine what is right or wrong. It is up to the individual to decide whether or not they will choose to consume alcohol. It is your job, however, to pass legislation that makes sense and to allow your constituents to vote on the issue. We may end up seeing increased tax collections due to this; who knows! Thanks for your consideration."

Who knows... We'll see what happens!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Think Pink redux

Okay, so this should have come out BEFORE Valentine's Day, but just a few reminders: 1) you can drink champagne WHENEVER--i.e. it doesn't have to be for a wedding or New Year's Eve 2) if you drink 'sparkles', step out of the box and try Rosé! No, pink does not equal sweet (this is NOT white Zin). Pink adds a certain nuance to the wine as the skins have been in contact with the juice for a bit longer in the winemaking process. The flavors are a bit more intense and the aromas are so great! Give it a shot! Look for Segura Viudas or Cristalino (both "Cavas" from Spain, each under $10) or go for the Veuve Clicquot I bought at Sam's Wholesale for $64 (hey, it was Valentine's Day after all...). Rosé is a perfect food wine too :)