Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Coolest wine ad EVER

As you know, I love Zinfandel. Enjoy this awesome ad: CLICK HERE! (Worth watching even if you hate wine, etc.)

"Cowardly Republicans" in Georgia

This posting by Neal Boortz is right on. Our Georgia Republican representatives are afraid of their special interest groups--the Christian Coalition. We have an out of date law on the books; it's time to give me (a voter, citizen, etc.) a chance to vote on the issue. Do I have enough wine around the house? Sure (i.e. I don't need to go buy anything on Sunday). Do I want the CHOICE to be able to purchase it (when we do our grocery/warehouse club shopping--typically on Sunday)? YES. Heck, at this stage, I'd like a shot at being able to VOTE to buy on Sunday. Right now, the elected officials are too chicken$hit to let the law pass, and put it on the ballot for us (Georgia residents) to vote yay or nay. Shame on you, elected officials! What next? Will you run away from Unions? Oh wait--those goons protect the Democrats (just ask Wisconsin and Ohio--and look how great those state balance sheets are looking, but I digress). LET ME VOTE on this issue!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Of Sales, Value and Wine to Drink!

I love shopping at various places, including the warehouse clubs (BJ's, Costco and Sam's), local shops like Sherlocks, Bullocks, or Tower, but if you've ever read my blog you know I'm also big fan of Total Wine & More. They have a great selection and some pretty solid pricing--my only consistent gripe is that they won't give a case discount on 'mixed' cases. If you buy an entire case of 1 wine, you receive a 10% discount (as with most retailers). Until the end of this month you can receive the same discount on only a 6 bottle purchase! Go stock up!
It's funny-is expensive wine 'worth it'? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. 2 thoughts on that: There is a very well-known brand that gets tossed around often--I won't 'go there' but back in my wine bar days, when someone asked if we had that brand I immediately knew that 1) they didn't know a lot about wine 2) they had some money and 3) typically they have friends who thought highly of that wine as well. It can be a bit of the "Emperor's new clothes" as the reputation is still there, but the quality (in my opinion) is not... For that same $80 I could easily blow that brand away.
As for the second case in point, I took a huge risk and bought a $60+ bottle of wine totally on faith. Yes, the same guy that tells you never to buy a wine for the label alone took a chance on buying an expensive Napa Cabernet solely because it shared the same name as our good friend's newborn (Congrats again J and Carol!) Their new son's name is Cade and when planning for a 'celebration' dinner for all of us, I was excited to see a bottle with the same name and knew we had to toast to the new baby with it! What an amazing wine, probably one of the best I've had in a while. So every once in a while I guess it's best to 'take a chance' and see what happens! So was it worth it? Even if it had been 'good', yes, it was worth it to share a special moment with friends--the fact that the wine was amazing was a bonus! Step outside the box a little and try something different than what your wine snob friends recommend--try something new and fun or go wild (like I did) and take a chance on something fun.
By the way--if you find yourself off Dresden (Brookhaven) you need to stop in "Pour" and have some wine. What a cool place (and fun, moderately-priced selections). Pour Wine Market is a pretty neat wine shop/wine bar that is not a chain (and it shows!). After a glass or two, Kaleidoscope is a fun restaurant (try the duck fat fries--trust me) and it's just a few doors down. Pour also offers craft beers if you aren't into wine (shame on you ; )

More fun with ZIN

I love the style of this article--maybe it's the 'user friendly' style of Zinfandel that makes me such a fan. Yes, there are many cheap 'fruit bomb' zins out there (and some pricey ones too) but the awesome single-vineyard selections from Ravenswood, Rosenblum or Ridge (the three R's!) are 'benchmark' wines. Give Zin a chance; it's one of the most food-friendly wines out there! Cheers, Bo

Open That Bottle Night 2011

Heard of this event? Have you ever saved 'something' for a "special occasion" and found that the opportunity had come and gone (or was missed completely)? While I do have one bottle that is set aside for a special occasion that will continue to be saved (until January 3, 2021 to be exact) I do have some other bottles that need to be dusted off and consumed in the name of "Open That Bottle Night". Read this press release and learn more about OTBN 2011! What's in YOUR cellar? : ) Wine is a living creature--if you keep it too long it may turn into very expensive vinegar so go ahead--Open That Bottle this February 26th! Cheers!