Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 1: Positive Spin!

You'll have to read my other blog to sort out my thoughts about "Day 1 of # 44", but I read this article which has some positive news about American wine producers. I never really thought about W's 'preferences' for the last 8 years, but anything that boosts wine consumption (and knowledge) here in the good old USA is a good thing : ) So tonight, Red State or Blue State, go home and pop a nice bottle of Red Wine or White Wine (or split the vote and have some Sparkles : ) Cheers!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jeff Strikes Again!

My partner Jeff Harris is spoiling us! He walked in on New Year's Eve (yes, we were open and closing loans!) with a bottle of Dom under one arm and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot under the other (bless him!) It made me very happy (but of course!) and it reminded me of a poll or article I recently read that talked about champagne consumption is dropping (or sparkling wines in general). Why? It seems that people ONLY tend to drink 'sparkles' when they have something to celebrate. True, yes, but why not 'every day'? No, not a $128 bottle of Dom, but there are SO many options out there that are so yummy! I even saw Korbel (from Sonoma, CA) at the grocery for under $10. Want something lighter, try a Prosecco from Italy. Even easier on the wallet? Cava from Spain. So maybe hold off on the over $30 bottles for a big event, but don't be afraid to make 'sparkles' your wine of choice! (by the way--you may want to invest in a champagne 'cork' that will allow you to store an open bottle for a day or two in case you just want an aperitif prior to dinner, etc.)