Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Here we go again: HR 1161

So this article popped up on my radar this morning. Sounds like they are trying to dump of alcohol regulation to the States. On the surface, that sounds like a good thing but in all reality (as shown by our weak Republican leaders in the Georgia Senate) the local interests (Christian Coalition, Wholesalers and Distributors) will use their influence (and money) to line the pockets (AGAIN) of the Regulated Beverage Committee and the Consumer will LOSE. We need to be able to order wine from whatever source we choose--consumer friendly laws should be the focus, not further limits to competition! But then again that's just my 2 cents as a Centrist/Libertarian.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oh SNAP! Must-see video : )

Hopefully this is the CHEAP WINE section! What a shame; all that lovely vino tossed onto the floor in this EPIC FAIL! CLICK HERE to watch the video. Don't let this happen to YOU! Cheers, Bo